Sometimes women of color or even men of color can be intimidated to alter the color on ethnic hair. The most important thing to remember is to find a trained stylist that you love and trust and the sky is the limit. At Tangles & Locs we want you to be able to let your true spirit shine and if that means showing off pink, purple, blue, green, blonde, black, or red hair then we want to make that happen for you! You should never feel limited on the color you select based on the texture of your hair. You want to start by asking an abundance of questions that concern you. Let your stylist put you at ease. They should follow-up with their own lengthy list of questions including, “Have you colored your hair before?” This question is particularly important in achieving your desired results so be sure to answer honestly. 

Remember if you want to go bold, go bold. Don’t hold back in suggesting to your stylist that you want honey blonde if you really want vibrant peach. However, whether you like it or not bleach will likely be inevitable. Unless you naturally have a lighter hue to your hair, bleach is the best way to bring out vibrant colors. Things to remember are that bleach can change the texture of your hair. This happens because bleach removes the natural melanin in your hair causing it to be dryer than usual. It is likely that your hair will eventually revert back to its normal texture and state. 

Trimming your hair before a dramatic color change is recommended. We like to offer a trim before coloring to help make sure that any dry, unkempt ends aren’t vulnerable to over-processing. Be sure to follow-up your color treatment with a hydrating conditioner. To help reduce the dryness that may follow the use of bleach, be diligent about your conditioning regimen recommended by your stylist. Finally, flaunt your new look with confidence!



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