If you are in the market for virgin Brazilian hair extensions near me we have the best options for you to select from. However, it is important that you understand all the benefits to Brazilian hair extensions so that you can fully appreciate them and care for them properly. Both Brazilian hair extensions and Indian Remy hair extensions offer completely chemically unprocessed hair. This means that the hair is considered to be “virgin” hair as it has never been dyed, colored, or treated. Below are a few of the features of each type of hair extension. 

Brazilian Hair: This type of hair extensions is thick and soft. Because the hair is so soft it can be considered very practical and easy to care for. Brazilian hair extensions have a natural wave to them that makes them blend with your skin very easily and appears very natural. There is a wide range of colors and lengths available for Brazilian hair extensions. These extensions also tend to be thicker and coarser than Indian Remy hair. 

Indian Remy Hair: Indian Remy hair comes as equally unprocessed as virgin Brazilian hair can. What this provides is that the hair cuticles are facing the same direction and this can help prevent shedding and tangling. Indian Remy hair is soft, lightweight, and bouncy. It is a much finer hair than Brazilian hair extensions. Due to this fineness these extensions tend to grow frizzy in various climates. You will want to take into consideration the best way to care for this frizz. 

Both Brazilian hair and Indian Remy hair extensions offer great benefits to those looking for a change. Both extensions can be colored and styled to your preference. If you are looking for virgin Brazilian hair extensions near me, our expert stylists would love to chat further. We only want the best for our clients and want to make sure that we fully discuss any major changes beforehand. Give us a call to set-up an in-person consultation!



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