One of the biggest problems for natural hair is breakage. Most often caused by a lack of moisture, signs of breakage include tangled hair, a brittle texture, and broken or split ends. There are many ways to defeat breakage but here are 5 to get you started. 

Put down the Heat- Flat irons, curling irons and other heat tools may be a quick solution to creating a great hair style, but heat can severely damage hair, especially if it is being used directly. It can also further damage hair that is already suffering from breakage and makes it visible worse. Always use a protectant styler and try to use as little heat as possible. 

Cut it off- Many salons recommend that you get your hair cut or trimmed every 3-4 months to maintain strength and stop split ends. Make sure that you are working with a stylist that understands your hair type and reach out to find a multi ethnic salon near you. 

Deep Condition- This should be a part of your regular hair routine, especially after a fresh trim. Make sure to set aside time for this treatment since the product really needs to sit in your hair to have the best affect. Moisturizing your hair will be a major protectant against breakage. 

Seal your Ends- This has a similar effect to deep conditioning, but focuses on the section of hair that will be the most likely to start breaking;the ends. Ask your stylist what type of product would work best for you. A few popular choices are castor oil, coconut oil, and shea butter. 

Change your hair products- The different products that you use on your hair, may just not be working. Try to monitor your hair and see how it is really reacting to the different products. Sticking to natural products like water and cocoa butter can be a positive change. 

As a Black owned hair salon, we know and understand natural hair and even offer classes to help you educate yourself on how to take care of your hair. We provide a wide range of services including eyelash and waxing services. 


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